About the Founder

Mei Ling Chin deeply believes in the importance of gaining acceptance, support and adoption for your cause and message, your ideas and beliefs.


As a female executive in a vastly male dominated industry with stark competition, she has been a trusted member in the company to shape, execute and ensuring sustained business development in the APAC region, in addition to overseeing project management for complex projects.

All of the above definitely comes with challenges, some mistakes along the way, learning new skills and applying them, repeat when good comes out of it, adapt and adjust in different situation, all combined with time and energy management. 


She founded ‘Selling your WHY’ to offer an online space to create a community to educate, inspire, share and discuss the core topic of ‘selling and winning acceptance’.


With ‘Selling your WHY’ she is on a mission to empower as many people as possible to master the skills to have a passionate and purposeful life, with endless motivation to learn, grow, love, contribute and be significant. 

She is speaking on international arena to drive her message. 

Her vision is to see individuals and organizations make the greatest, lasting impact in their lives, the community around them and in their organizations, and leave a legacy that is truly fulfilling for them.

Keynotes and Workshops

Inspire your team, organization and community with keynotes and workshops.